This site provides links to articles, research and resources relating to proposed reforms to the Child Support operations of the Australian Government.


At the time of launching this site as a resource for those interested in Child Support reform, a campaign of contacting Federal MP’s Australia wide has commenced with mixed success. Some MP’s have indicated they share concern regarding the operation of the Child Support arm of the Government. Others have simply passed on their constituent’s complaints to The Hon Alan Tudge MP, Minister for Human Services, who in turn has passed on the complaint to the Child Support agency, which provides a form letter which in essence, says nothing. There have been recommended reforms to the Child Support regime tabled since July 2015, and nothing has happened to implement their recommendations. The summary of the review is essentially a watered-down and incomplete precis of the many alleged unethical, inconsistent and unfair decisions handed down to clients of the Child Support agency – in fact the summary appears quite supportive of the status quo.

The committee’s list of 25 recommendations however, is earth shattering!  Cutting to the core of what is broken and twisted inside the CSP (previously CSA) the recommendations echo the type of changes and reform groups have been seeking for years.  The lengthy list touches on almost every part of the CSP operations is a damning indictment on the adminstration of the scheme and the lack of accountability to date.

The impact of the Government’s action and inaction, particularly on alienated parents, have a devastating impact on members of the community and on commerce in this country. Refer to the Case Studies on this site to understand the impact the antique legislation has on people in our modern economy.  Worse still, children suffer enormously, particularly when one parent decides to alienate them from the other, an increasing phenomenon as this inflates the child support payments paid to the alienator.


The Facebook group that started the lobbying for reform has grown to over 13,000 members, and a further active lobbying group has launched on the Facebook platform also. Many of the members of these groups are active online and in their communities spreading the word about the impacts of flawed legislation and the alleged fraudulent activities promoted by the Child Support arm of the Government.  These groups will continue to grow.

Lobbying will become more organised. The major political parties will be put on notice that they stand to lose seats if they are not prepared to campaign and deliver on a platform of child support reform.

What Now?

If you or someone you know is impacted by the current Child Support legislation, take action now! Follow the links on this site to learn how your voice can and will be heard by taking action.