Correspondence published by the Department of Human Services generally indicates all is well with the child support system. There has only been one attempt at significant reforms to the child support processes, which occurred a decade ago.  A parliamentary inquiry was tabled in July 2015 recommending a range of changes, but this has not been responded to or acted on by the Government.

During this current ‘era’ of child support, private surveys of random samples of clients of the Child Support Agency (or its successor, the vaguely named “Child Support” division of DHS) indicate widespread dissatisfaction with treatment by this government service.

In this section are individuals’ first hand accounts of the management of their child support case, to enable you to draw comparisons with your own experiences. Should you wish to submit a Case Study, please remove all identifying case number and individual names and contact details, and email authorising publication of your article. Your anonymity will be protected, however please ensure all information submitted is factual and backed by appropriate evidence of poor service or wrongdoing (unless your story includes less likely positive reviews of your child support experiences).

Note some of the Case Studies here precede the current term of the Minister for Human Services. As can be seen from the correspondence, the complaints and critique of the child support agency span many years, including time under both parties’ Government and under the portfolio of various Ministers. This seems to indicate that the Child Support operations under legislation are indeed a law unto themselves.

As many are now saying, enough is enough. Child Support Reform is drastically overdue and urgently needed.