How to spend $600k stupidly

Picking From The Money Tree

An unbelievable tale of victimisation and punitive pursuit at its worst, the Canberra Times reports the case of the

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon stepped in when the Department legal bill tipped the half-million dollar mark, and called the case a “scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money … to protect the butt of the department”.

The department which runs the Child Support Agencyhired more high-end lawyers to attempt to block the release of information regarding its own conduct in the matter, thus exposing taxpayers to up to a million dollars in legal and other costs!

Child Support Agency bosses had spent the money even though they knew, since August 2011, their public servants broke the law in the man’s case and were on shaky legal ground from the beginning. Quite an unbelievable series of events that makes you wonder what core values and responsibilities are listed on the Job Description of the managers responsible?

The case of $600,000 spent to retrieve $6,000 is here.