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The Canberra Times covered the disturbing story of how much taxpayers’ money the Child Support regime was prepared to waste to punish a man for … wait for it … giving money to his daughters!   The paper reported the man was “sued for $16,000 with taxpayers footing the bill for two barristers and high-end legal firm Minter-Ellison, despite the CSA’s knowledge that the money had been handed directly to the children.”

Disturbingly, the case followed another aired in the Senate, in which the Child Support agency spent more than $600,000 trying to recover $6,000 (!) until federal ministers finally applied too-little too-late logic and called a stop.

The latest incredible story of child support gone wrong is here – more than $100,000 to chase a fake debt!.   Even more shocking, read below the first hand account of what this behaviour does to people.


The subject of the above article, the man hounded for $16,000 he had already paid to his daughters, offered this update on how the case affected him.  This shows how unaccountable power gone wrong affects everyday people. Society nearly lost him forever.

“I’m all good now but was very close to getting on my horse and going bush where they would not be able to find me – the abuse , the phone calls , the letters , the court hearings , the lawyers who threatened me , the bailiffs , the caveats on my property , everything they did was relentless for seven years and they would not stop.

They openly admitted I did not owe them any money and had already paid, but just kept saying they wanted it paid through them. After one of the court hearings a Dept litigation officer who was in attendance came up to me and gave me his business card and said “Guy I know you don’t owe this money, please call me next week and I will help you” – but I am sure they silenced him eventually, he no longer works for the Dept.

So yes it was getting too much to deal with and they would not stop harassing me. It was Nick Xenephon’s office who talked me out of going bush and to stay and fight the fight, but I was ready to go and had it all planned, they would not have found me.

So I am deeply indebted to Nick and his staff for the moral support and parliamentary help they gave me in what was very difficult circumstance. I look back and think – wow seven years of corruption from a government Dept who have tried very hard to duck and dive and cover their tracks to prevent my case from being exposed .

The lies that emulate from the spin doctors , the unbelievable situation where they are able to investigate their own lies and corruption! To the point where a person I wrote a complaint in about actually investigated herself after Lorna Andrews gave her my complaint, she wrote back and said everything she did was ok! A phone call I once received from my case officer on my mobile when I was on the landline to the Ministers office (she called and said I wasn’t allowed to call the minister’s office) – so that proves that someone in the Ministers office had called her and said I was complaining about her conduct. Not long after that I was investigated by the Federal Police – I would love to post all the names of the Dept staff I have dealt with , maybe one day they will be publicly exposed and held to account for the lies and corruption.”