The Resources section provides information that interested people have submitted for the interest of anyone seeking child support reform.

NOTE : Facebook Group

One of the most active online communities relating to positive reforms of the Child Support Regime is the Facebook group – Child Support Australia – Time for Reform  and Fairness

This is a closed group by membership only, but anyone interested in reforming the current Australian Child Support legislation and its management by the Government’s Child Support wing (previously called CSA or Child Support Agency) are welcome.  A condition of membership is completing a short survey relating to your experiences with Child Support.

Please note it is known that the Child Support agency has one or more members ‘lurking’ on the Group and there is evidence individual’s comments are reported back to management and others in the Child Support agency. Should you be concerned about being identified and treated more unfairly due to your quest for reform, the Admins of the Facebook group are happy to post anonymously on your behalf.

Listed below are additional resources that others have suggested may be helpful.