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Following are the public servants tasked with responsibility for implementing and managing the legislation that governs Child Support assessment and management in Australia. If you are unhappy with the way the Child Support regime impacts you or your children, you may wish to contact one or more of the people on this list to express your concerns in writing. Contact details and all information below is gathered on a best endeavours basis from publicly available Government information.


Alan Tudge

Source: Facebook

The Minister in charge of Child Support operations is the Hon.Alan Tudge MP :

Hon.Alan Tudge MP
Minister for Human Services
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives – Parliament House

He is also active online at:

Christian Porter MP

Source : Facebook

Minister (Social Services)

Hon.Christian Porter MP is Minister for Social Services and responsible for the underlying Child Support legislation.

Hon.Christian Porter MP
Minister for Social Services
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives – Parliament House

He is also active online at:

Members of Parliament

Search for your local Member

Your local member is your voice in Canberra. Talk to your local member about any concerns you have and as them to communicate these to the Minister/s in charge of issues that impact you. Follow up in writing after meeting to ensure you and your MP are active in getting an adequate response.

Often in Government a letter or email will simply be forwarded to a Minister in charge of a portfolio. The Minister will then pass the correspondence to the Government organisation responsible, who will send a standard reply to the Minister, which will be returned to the MP, who will then pass it on to you.
Everyone feels their job has been done!  Tell your MP you’d like specific answers about your case that address how the change you seek will be achieved.

Photos and details of all sitting Members of Parliament here.

Secretary of the Department of Human Services

Kathryn Campbell

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Kathryn Campbell is a senior Australian public servant who has responsible for delivering the Australian Government’s Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support programs since March 2011.

Phone 02 62234411
Email : (not confirmed)

News articles :
Office accommodation
Robodebt article

Registrar for Child Support

Bill Volkers
Registrar Child Support Agency
PO Box 1867
Adelaide SA 5001

Phone (08) 8112 1877

Who is the Child Support Registrar? What do they do? 

“The Registrar is authorised by Parliament, through the CSA Act and the CSRC Act, to make decisions on child support cases under those Acts.

The Registrar cannot personally make every decision on every child support case. In practice, most decisions are made by officers and employees of DHS.”

More info here

Hank Jongen

Source: Facebook

General Manager/s

Child Support employs approximately 30 “general managers”, and Hank Jongen has the highest public profile,  interacting via marketing exercises on radio and social media. He is often mistaken as being in charge of Child Support, but his role is focused on media and marketing, or some might describe the role as “spin doctor”.

Who is Hank Jongen? 
Officially : “Mr Jongen is a general manager in the Community Engagement Division, and is the department’s official spokesperson”.

Hank Jongen on Facebook

National Customer Services Manager

Lorna Andrews is the Child Support national customer services manager.

Postal Address
GPO Box 60 Brisbane QLD 4001
Phone 07 3551 5771 or 02 6155 7788

Email : (not confirmed)

Other Management

  • General Manager, Child Support Smart Centres – Bill Volkers (see above, also the Registrar –
  • National Manager, Child Support Smart Centres, VIC and TAS – Kate Hay ( – not confirmed)
  • National Manager, Child Support Smart Centres, WA, SA and QLD – Bruce Young ( – not confirmed)
  • National Manager, Child Support Smart Centres, NSW and ACT – Tracey Sheather ( – not confirmed)
  • National Manager, Customer Service – Lorna Andrews ( – not confirmed)

General Complaints and Feedback

Child Support
Child Support Complaints and Feedback
Reply Paid 9815
Melbourne, Vic 3001

Webmaster Email Address

Child Support is one of the only businesses in this country that refuses to provide a general email information contact. This is not only old-fashioned, it shows they are unable to grasp the basic concepts of customer care and client support.

They openly publish only one email address, the one usually reserved for the tech boffin who used to hack away at web pages in the dark ages, before all the new-fangled tech platforms came along to let ‘normal’ people maintain websites. The email address remains accessible and is published on their site material. It is reasonable to expect that a message sent to this email address will be professionally dealt with and forward to any intended recipient.

In some cases, customers have been forced to seek an email contact when the CSA Online system fails to operate correctly, either failing to send large attachments or at times crashing, refusing access, or randomly losing correspondence.

When all else fails trying to contact CSA, CSP, Child Support, CSO’s, Case Managers etc. a number of people have emailed the Webmaster address in exasperation. Most messages seem to arrive to their intended destination.

When sending an email to ensure you include the Subject :

Subject: Child Support Case {your case number} – please onforward and confirm receipt
At the top of the message, write :
Due to difficulty contacting Child Support through traditional means, I would be grateful if you could forward this message to the relevant Case Manager or Officer in Child Support. Could you please ask the recipient to provide written confirmation of receipt.
{Message here}

Remember, with Child Support, it’s all about clarity and completeness, and evidence. If you have access to CSA Online, use the Messages / Send a Message option to send a message advising you have just sent a communication to for their attention, asking that it be forwarded to Child Support. You may even wish to phone and let them know the email has been sent. If they try to tell you the message won’t reach them, there is ample evidence that information can and does get retrieved promptly and onforwarded to relevant recipients. If they refuse to follow up to locate the email, check the current call is being clearly recorded on their system, and state you have sent them information via the only available electronic means, and you expect their assistance to either retrieve it, or provide you with a working email address you can use to contact your case officer. We’re not in the 1800’s and you don’t own a carrier pigeon, and judging by the time it takes Australia Post to deliver CSA letters, they are not a viable alternative. Let’s help the CSP treat us all as customers that they respect and value.