Take Me To The April Sun in CUBA – Child Support Disgrace

When confronted with the damage done  to their clients, our Child Support regime often refers to “system problems”.

This explanation has been particularly relevant when excusing insane volumes of correspondence sent to clients, such as 28 letters over 8 days, and even more amazingly 37 letters in a day to a single client. In any modern-day business, if this was inflicted on clients it would probably be termed harassment and end up in Court, with compensation sought by the victim.

The vaguely well-kept secret that helps punish Child Support clients is known as CUBA. Kind of ironic they name their central systems after a country with a history of unrest, invasions and sabotage.

Amazingly, even the Child Support operation has long ago acknowledged the systemic and logical failings in their Cuba system. “The current Child Support computer system is getting close to the end of its useful life. A new computer system will provide better support for staff and separated families. …  A new computer system will be introduced by December 2015.” (Link)

On their webpage last updated in March 2016 :

Cuba Child Support Computer System


the Government highlights their proactive plan to improve clients’ experience :

Cuba computer system

Source : https://www.humanservices.gov.au/corporate/budget/budget-2013-14/budget-measures/improving-services/child-support-system-cuba-replacement

Here we are in 2017, still receiving correspondence that is cobbled together in an illogical stream which appears intentionally designed to intimidate and confuse the recipient.

  • Is it acceptable that a Government entity funded to support our children can escape accountability and fail to adhere to deadlines?
  • When clients claim this same entity enforces legislation in a highly punitive and inconsistent manner?
  • As a Child Support client, should you accept this mediocrity?
  • When the mediocrity punishes you as a client and detracts from your ability to understand and meet your Child Support commitments?

It’s time for someone who can achieve change to step in and take control of the Child Support program.  Reform is needed urgently. Innocent people are suffering harrasment, self-harm and worse.  We elected these people to Government to deliver on their promises for change.  They’re too busy deciding whether to lend ONE BILLION DOLLARS to a foreign entity in exchange for the ability to boast about job creation, when it’s virtually certain their plans are a fiscal disaster waiting to happen.  How about looking after the mums and dads who are trying to support their kids in separated families first? How about fixing your broken systems? How about reforming the legislation which is mostly 20 years old and completely irrelevant in modern day Australia?

The program’s lack of evolution has continued for years, under the guise of both the Child Support Agency (CSA) and now under the vaguely named “Child Support” which refers to the Department of Human Services’ Child Support program or CSP.

Tell the people responsible what you think. Consider taking action to protect yourself and your children, and fix this broken regime so it doesn’t decimate future generations.